Welcome   Like all good love stories, there must be a passion to fight for what your heart desires. The time is now to cross your blades for honor and virtue. Pick your poison!

The Shire of Brad Leah along with House Montague and Capulet invite you to join us in a fun filled event where we will make our new Rapier, A&S, and Bardic Champions.

Site Fees:
Adult ~ $12.00
Child ( 6-13) ~ $6.00
Feast Fee ~ $10.00
Child feast ~ $ 5.00

Feast will be pre-paid only. Reserve yours today by October 10th using ACCEPS.

Cabin arrangements are available. Please contact Mistress Marguerite (Tonda Pratt) at Tlpratt@sw.rr.com

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October 17-19, 2014 
Camp Graham Ball
12017 FM 368 S
Holliday, TX 76366

GPS: +33040'9.42", -98046'31.31"