Note: From November 1st through November 30th, 2019, both the Seneschal and Rapier Marshal positions are open for applications.
If you are interested in applying,

#1: Fill out the Ansteorra Officer Application.
#2: For Seneschal, email the filled out application to and
#3: For Rapier Marshal, email the filled out form to and
When applying for any officer position, you MUST include proof of membership (ie. take a picture of your card and include it)

Seneschal: Ld. Cristobal Vazquez de Tarragona

Treasurer: Sean mac Daniel

Chronicler: Ly. Rose Marie

Knight's Marshal: Lord Godrick DeLamar

Rapier Marshal: Lord Thomas Westleigh

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Lucia Arias

Herald: Elena inghean Uí Dhairsigh

V-Scribe: Countess Deanna

Hospitaler (New Member Coordinator): Ly. Nafisa bint Malak al Nadiyah