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The Shire of Brad Leah cordially invites you
to join us for Rapiers & Romance III
May 6-8, 2016 at Camp Graham Ball near Holliday, TX.
Bring your finest fighters for a day filled with melees
as the Musketeers take on the Cardinal's men
in a Day of Dumas.
Bring that thing that first sparked the love you have
for the SCA as we celebrate our first love
for our game throughout the day.
The fun starts Friday night at sunset
when the Brotherhood of the Sword
hosts a Cut & Thrust Tournament.
Then on Saturday, come prepared
for an open A&S competition
and show the populace what you love most
about the Arts & Sciences!
There will also be a Bardic Competition
showcasing the wonderful skills of the Kingdom's Bards!
And bring your skills with
Knife, Axe, and Spear for a grand hunt!
Join us Saturday evening
as we gather for a sumptuous feast
fit for a King!